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Expert in laser hair removal

Swiss Allure has been the expert in laser hair removal since 2016. You are assured of a 100% painless and permanent result, with a guarantee!

Why laser hair removal at Swiss Allure?

Our highly dedicated and experienced laser specialists have been doing nothing but treating excessive hair growth since 2016 and can therefore offer you the best treatment, regardless of your skin type and hair color! Swiss Allure owes its many years of success to three important pillars.

Best quality

Our highly experienced and expert specialists work exclusively with the best laser equipment on the market.

Attention to you

Our employees really take the time for the treatment and ensure that you feel completely at ease.


100% painless treatment, permanent result and guaranteed treatment for one fixed price.

“Super satisfied, about the result, the friendliness, very neat and clean, highly recommended!”

A. Rademakers

Most safe and effective method

At Swiss Allure we use the SED Diode Ice Laser which has been specially developed for permanent hair removal. This laser is the first laser approved by the American FDA and is suitable for all skin types and hair colors.

Lasting result and painless

Unlike other laser devices, the Diode Ice Laser does not deliver a very high energy in one place at once, but several pulses with a lower energy spread over the skin. That is why treatment with the Diode Ice laser is completely painless and safe.

The result is permanent: the hairs stay away. With IPL laser hair removal, the result is temporary: you get rid of your hair growth for a while, but they come back after a while, which is very annoying. The hair follicles are not destroyed, but temporarily paralyzed.

At Swiss Allure you are therefore assured of the best treatment

  • Painless & definitive
  • Transparent and affordable packages
  • Suitable for all skin types & hair colors
  • Much more effective than IPL
  • Most safe Diode Ice laser on the market
  • No risk of burns
  • Also in the summer
  • Short treatment time
  • No recovery time
  • The treatment is carried out exclusively by specialists

Free intake and trial treatment

Do you want to experience how effective and painless our laser treatment is? Then make an appointment with one of our specialists for a free and non-binding intake and test treatment.

Book a free consult

Swiss Allure locations

Swiss Allure is growing rapidly and has clinics in Eindhoven, Tilburg, Venlo, Sittard and Roermond, among others. So you can always go to a clinic near you.

For questions or to schedule a free intake, you can contact one of our clinics directly.

Maastricht (soon)
Heerlen (soon)
Weert (soon)

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