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Never shave, wax or epilate again?

Then laser hair removal is for you! We are the specialist in the field of laser hair removal and therefore work with the best laser on the market: the Diode Ice laser.

How does permanent laser hair removal work?

Permanent and painless laser hair removal is a treatment in which unwanted hair growth is permanently removed through our Diode Ice laser.

In 2015, this laser was named the best medical hair removal laser. The laser is extremely suitable for 100% painless and effective laser hair removal of the entire body. It has a patented laser technique, which is called ‘in motion’. Unlike other devices, this laser does not emit a very high energy in one place at once, it works with several pulses with a lower energy spread over the skin. That is why treatment with the Diode Ice laser is completely painless and safe.

Furthermore, the Diode Ice laser is very innovative and makes it possible to also treat lighter hair colors and darker skin types. This is because the laser does not work on pigment, but on the proteins at the bottom of the hair follicle. This ensures that the hair follicle can no longer receive nutrition and the hair can no longer grow. This ensures an effective and permanent hairless result. So you are rid of epilation, waxing and shaving for good after a laser hair removal package at Swiss Allure.

Why laser hair removal at Swiss Allure?

  • Painless & definitive
  • Always affordable
  • Suitable for all skin types & hair colors
  • A lot more effective than IPL
  • Most safe Diode Ice laser on the market
  • No risk of burns
  • Also in the summer
  • Short treatment time
  • No recovery time
  • The treatment is carried out exclusively by specialists

Painless and permanent hair removal

Prior to the treatment, you must ensure that the skin is shaved (maximum 24 hours in advance). Once in our clinic, the laser specialist determines your skin type and discusses your health by means of the intake form. Then you take a seat in the comfortable chair and the laser specialist applies a cooling gel to the area that needs to be lasered. The ultrasound gel promotes the operation of the laser and, together with the cold head of the laser, simultaneously cools your skin during hair removal.

The laser specialist will then move the laser over your skin with a stroking movement (In-motion technique), whereby the laser ‘shoots’ a lot of pulses. This gradually warms up your skin and the laser beams destroy the hair follicles and the protein in them. This makes further hair growth impossible and thus ensures the permanent hair removal.

Unfortunately, not all unwanted hair can be destroyed in one go. The hairs must be in the first phase of the growth cycle to be permanently removed. Because not all hairs are in that growth phase at the same time, you have to undergo multiple treatments (every 6 weeks body, 4 weeks face) to permanently remove the unwanted hair growth. This is also the reason that we work with affordable packages of 8 treatments.

The duration of treatment depends on the area to be treated. Our shortest treatments of, for example, both armpits or the sideburns take 15 minutes. A larger body zone, for example the entire legs, takes about half an hour.

After the treatment, the gel is removed with a lovely warm towel and you can resume your daily activities.

Permanently smooth skin

The laser treatments permanently damage the hair follicles and therefore no hair will grow back. Most of our customers are treated after 6 to 8 laser sessions. This is why we offer affordable packages with 8 treatments. This is an indication that we also give to our future customers. However, no rights can be granted to it. After all, you are unique. Are you the exception who just needs a 9th or 10th laser hair removal treatment? Then this is simply included in the package price.

Over the years, new hair follicles may arise, for example due to pregnancy or menopause, from which new hairs can grow. This is a natural process of your body and these hairs would also have arisen spontaneously in non-lasered skin. To maintain the result of the Diode Ice laser, you can possibly book a repeat session by then, specifically tackling the new hairs.

The results of our treatments may vary from person to person. That is why we are happy to advise you personally during a free consultation.

Free consult and trial treatment

Do you want to experience how effective and painless our laser treatment is? Then make an appointment with one of our specialists for a free and non-binding intake and test treatment.

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